What level of response can I expect?

Unfortunately, there are never any guarantees of a specific number of responses with any type of advertising.

And what different businesses consider a good response can vary widely.

Some businesses may only need one sale to cover their advertising cost for several months, while another might need several sales every month to get a return on their investment.

What we do know is that we have many regular advertisers who have remained with us for in many cases years, and report that it is always worth their while advertising.

Many tell us they get more response from our magazines than any other form of advertising.

Beware of booking for just one month to ‘see how it goes’

For most this is not long enough to draw any valuable conclusions as awareness builds up over time with people seeing your ad repeatedly.

It’s important to have your ad running long enough to give it a chance to work

We will help you to ensure that your advert is designed to do the correct job and we ask you to contact us as soon as possible if you aren’t getting the results you expected so that we can review your advert and make amendments if necessary.