What do I need to include in my advert?

We can advise you on the content of your advert if you need assistance.

We encourage you not to simply opt for the standard Business Logo, Name, Bullet point list of activities, and your contact details.

A proud as you may be of your business logo, it is unlikely that it will draw people to read your advert!

Some of the most successful adverts include

  • an attention-grabbing headline, Your advert only has a split second to attract a readers attention, that is why a headline is so important.
  • an image, something real and relevant is better than a stock image if possible
  • an offer with a deadline to take it up,
  • a testimonial from an existing customer – proof from a real person that you are good at what you do

How much of this you can include will depend to some extent on the size of advert you choose – being realistic you won’t fit it all into an eighth-page advert!

We will assist you to ensure that the most relevant information is included to help you ensure that you get a good response rate.