How often are the magazines produced?

4 of our magazines are produced and distributed monthly.

They are all delivered over the last weekend of the month and into the week immediately following this so that in most cases the distribution is complete by the start of the month the magazine is for.

Our other 2 magazines are produced and printed bi-monthly, so they each have 6 issues a year.

Both have larger circulations than the monthly magazines, however – in the region of 10,000 homes are reached with each issue, the equivalent of approx 5000 per month.

Some publications following this popular bi-monthly model also split their distribution, delivering to half the homes in month one and the other half in month two.

We, however, have made the decision to deliver all the magazines in the first 10 days of the 2 month period they cover so that we can include time-sensitive events within the two month period without those receiving them in the 2nd month feeling they have an out of date magazine.

An advert placed in one of these magazines is a considered a 2-month booking and you will be invoiced both months for the advert.

For example, a booking in the June/July issue of DN2 Today will result in an invoice in both June and July, but this still offers great value, as the monthly equivalent distribution is 5000 homes compared to the 3250 homes for Bawtry Today or Tickhill Today.