Passengers from Yorkshire’s Doncaster Sheffield Airport can make the most of the magical Polish Christmas Markets this year.

Flights to Gdansk, home to a very popular Christmas Market, take off five times a week from Doncaster giving passengers the chance to experience a true European treat.

The Christmas Market in Gdansk has a Venetian carousel with horses, ice rink, and exhibition of traditional Christmas trees from around the world, artistic decorations and Christmas Eve treats.

Kate Stow, head of marketing at Doncaster Sheffield Airport said: “More and more people are travelling to Europe to enjoy the traditional Christmas markets each year.

“Gdansk hosts a beautiful market with the opportunity to buy all kinds of Christmas gifts with handmade hats, scarves, toys, blankets and cushions, gift bags, decorations, candles, angels and Christmas tree ornaments, decorative ceramics, fancy leather, wood and wicker goods.

“There is also a great range of festive cakes, pretzels, fruit covered with chocolate, roasted chestnuts.
“Visitors can warm themselves up with a mug of hot chocolate, mulled wine and red-hot braziers.

“Passengers can also fly five times a week from Doncaster to Katowice to visit the Krakow Christmas Market, where it is claimed that the Yuletide lasts longer than anywhere else.”

Krakow’s Christmas market takes place on the city’s huge Rynek Glowny central square, amid the Old Town historic district, every year. It starts in the last days of November and lasts through to the end of December.

Wooden stalls sell a wide range of Christmas decorations and sweets as well as other goodies. And open-air eateries offer hearty meals and mulled wine. Plus there are additional attractions such as shows, folk dances, concerts of carols.

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