Can you deliver leaflets or menus for me?

We are very happy to deliver your leaflets or flyers with the magazines.

We prefer not to deliver more than 3 inserts with any magazine, partly due to the logistics of organising it, but mainly because we don’t want residents to receive a bundle of leaflets as this increases the chances of them ending up in the recycling instead of being looked at!

We have some regular users of this service who report excellent results.

It seems that the leaflets arriving with the expected and respected magazine offers a higher level of legitimacy for the business promoted compared to the leaflet being delivered alone.

Given that the cost of having your leaflet delivered with the magazine is considerably cheaper than other methods of distribution, then this might be the perfect option for you.

Our prices start at £35+vat per 1000, but please contact us for an accurate quote for the area you want to be covered and the size/style of your leaflet or menu.

This is a very popular service and can get booked up, so if you have a particular timescale in mind do let us know so that we can get your distribution booked in.